Amazon Relay Trailer Interchange Agreement

Not only does this program streamline business with running a transportation business, but it also minimizes risk. It gives carriers a commitment to future work with competitive prices, so carriers can sit quietly, knowing that they will have enough business for the duration of the contract. For more information about Relay, including registering as a carrier, see By involving the one-click contract, Amazon Relay offers easy-to-use to find work for thousands of small fleet owners. In, carriers can see the duration of the contract with the departure and end date, the number of drivers, blocks per week, the blocking rate and the total contract value for each contract mentioned and accept a contract with a single click. New contracts are published weekly and are available according to the First Come First Serve database. The payment is made directly to his bank account within 7 days of the end of the work week. Short-term contracts with Amazon Relay now bridge the gap between spot work and long-term contracts with a self-service program that allows carriers of any size to secure work over short periods of time at competitive prices. Carriers can choose contracts on Amazon Relay from several weeks to several months in the future. Each contract involves a full week of driver work each week of the contract and as long as the carrier does not terminate the contract or refuse to work, payment is guaranteed. This means that even if Amazon doesn`t use contract capacity, the carrier still receives 100% of the contract value and not just a standard reference fee. Carriers of any size can now get security if they are tied to short-term contracts with contract volume With Amazon Relay, carriers have access to a wide choice of tens of thousands of loads per week on the Relay Load Board. Amazon Relay`s short-term contracts offer carriers a new way to get work: carriers can use Amazon Relay to access a consistent supply of short-term contracts with transparent and pre-guaranteed prices and thus ensure revenue security. These short-term contracts are available in a robust mix of driver configurations spanning multiple operating regions….