Amul Franchise Agreement

Do you want to own a business? What about an activity where the brand has already reached its highest level of marketing? Amul (you will certainly have heard of it) is a brand that has already placed its traces among the best brands in the country and soon in the world. Get a franchise and run a business where you should sell one of the best dairy products. Vakilsearch helps you make your franchise smooth, and becomes a trouble-free amul franchisee. The franchise usually sets up the shop in the most requested area, where public movements are relatively good. In such cases, the space is set up in a very potential location. Indeed, the financial aspects are quite appropriate for the creation of the company. Amul says the franchise must bear the cost of setting up the business. And so the installation cost would vary from Rs 1.50,000 to 6.00,000 Rs. In addition, the franchise should also cover all operating costs. However, there is no profit sharing or royalties for the deductible.

Therefore, the owner or boss of the franchise could earn from Rs.5.00,000 to Rs.10.00,000 in sales in a month, Amul said. Our wholesalers provide groceries in the show and the franchisee will use the retail margin. Sales margins vary from product to product. Franchisees are not required to pay royalties or share revenue with Amul. Businesses based on amul franchise facilities vary depending on installation, security deposit, duty-free products, etc. However, it is according to certain specifications in four parts. Do you have a standard franchise agreement? Yes What is the duration of the deductible? Is life renewable? No detailed user manuals for franchisees Yes Where are franchisee training offered? Seat is available on the ground for franchisees? Yes, will someone from the Franchise Center help with the opening of the franchise? Yes, which computer systems are currently included in the franchise? No Franchises exclusively market all amular products.