Cohabitation Agreement Greece

While obtaining a tourist visa is a relatively easy task for Greece, obtaining a residence permit in that country will require much more effort, as it is subject to some rather rigid conditions. Given the validity of a tourist visa for a limited time, i.e. considering that there will be no more than 90 days left in the country in six months, this condition makes it impossible for a couple to build a life together in Greece. However, Greek immigration legislation has been successfully improved and offers solutions for coexistence between Greeks or Europeans and third-country nationals. Another interesting observation is that many couples who sign an agreement are older than the European average, while there have been some strange cases, such as a widowed priest who signed a cohabitation pact to be with his partner and a man who was already married. ? We knew he was married, but we couldn`t refuse to register the deal? the civil registry officer of the town of the small town, in which this happened. If you live in a country where you cannot get married, where you cannot enter into a registered partnership, or if you decide not to, you can enter into a joint life contract with your partner and settle the practical or legal aspects of your life together. In the municipality of Iraklio in Crete, in the last three years, only nine couples have signed unions, while in the same region there are 700 marriages per year. In Patra, there are eight cohabitation contracts in 13 years compared to 842 per year, compared to 5 against 600 in Larissa. Specifically, if you are a citizen of a third country, you have established a real relationship with a Greek or European national residing in Greece and your common wish is to live together in that country, whether you are a heterosexual couple or the same sex.

, you have the option of entering into a cohabitation agreement before a Greek notary. The establishment of such a document requires a valid residence document, a three-month stamp or a Schengen visa on the passport. In addition, any life partner cannot legally be married to a third party or be involved in another life contract. When the cohabitation agreement is ready, it should be registered with the local registry office, with the cohabitation certificate issued to the partners. While the visa (or residence document) is still in effect, the two documents mentioned above, along with a number of other documents, must be submitted to the relevant authority to apply for a residence permit for life partners. Once the request has been met, the original document is issued for one year. The residence permit may be renewed if the cohabitation agreement between a third country national and his Greek or European partner is still in force. ? The cohabitation agreement gives a lot of freedom when it comes to forging a partnership or dissolving it.