Non Disclosure Agreement Bachelor Thesis

If the project is subject to a confidentiality agreement required by a contract, the teacher and student must ensure that the terms of the confidentiality clause are respected in the contract. All students must be informed of these conditions before participating in the project. The student may be asked to sign a confidentiality form at a later date and to comply with all other commitments made by the ETS as part of a particular project. If the standard confidentiality agreement is not used, the other TTO (Technology Transfer Office; confidentiality agreement must be approved. The following rule applies when a student who writes his thesis informs his scientific superior of a confidentiality agreement with a company or organization: if the project is subject to limited disclosure (preservation of the document) under a contract, the professor and the student must respect the publication clause contained in the contract. Confidential Information Confidentiality Agreement (docx) It is often necessary to enter into a confidentiality agreement between the company/organization and the student. This is why the AU has prepared a standard confidentiality agreement recommended for use by the student and the company. If you want to protect your ideas, if you want to present your work to a partner outside the university, you can also use a confidentiality agreement. If you are not sure if this is the case, you can contact the network coordinator or Jos Hermus of the Department of Industrial Design. On our external website, you will find an NDA (TU/e – Partner) agreement model. Please follow this procedure as part of the standard confidentiality agreement: The main reason for delaying the publication of a doctoral thesis is the protection of intellectual property. If TU Delft is also a contracting party to the agreement, only TU Delft agents can sign such agreements.

In most cases, it will be the dean of the faculty. Auditors you are not TU Delft agents and are therefore not allowed to sign contracts for TU Delft. “In order to ensure the free dissemination of knowledge and to maintain publication rights, contracts may only include obligations regarding the non-disclosure of specific data or specific results in exceptional cases and for limited time frames.” (section 55) It is recommended that students and the company use the standard confidentiality agreement. See the confidentiality agreement. If the final examination is confidential, the Dean of Study ensures that all board members are covered by a confidentiality recognition agreement.