Nwt Devolution Transfer Agreement

The idea of decentralization is not new. In fact, Yukon signed a similar agreement in 1993. b) one or more of the elements covered in the unit agreement or the unit`s enterprise agreement. 2. No authorisation shall be granted in accordance with paragraph 5, paragraph 1, point b), and no planning plan shall be approved in accordance with subsection 5.1 (4) – with respect to the use of an inter-territorial resource if the unitary agreement and the unit operating agreement are not approved in accordance with the subsection (1). (a) the date on which commercial production from the territorial resources to which the agreement applies ends and 83.2 When the use of land or water or a landfill proposed by an applicant for a licence or authorization in an area outside the Mackenzie Valley, whether located within or outside the Northwest Territories , has an impact, the board of directors can consult with each government, the board of directors can consult with each government. , the Aboriginal group or any other body responsible for regulating these uses or deposits in this area and may, with the agreement of the federal minister, hold joint hearings with one of them or enter into agreements with them on the coordination of activities and the prevention of duplication. 8.44 Generally speaking, all parties agree that many of the obligations under land claim agreements have been met and have yielded positive results. However, if there is disagreement that the oversight framework and dispute resolution process are not resolved, unhealthy relationships can develop. 72.27 (1) Unless otherwise stipulated in a compensation agreement under paragraph 72.03, paragraph 5, point (a) (ii), a person who is disadvantaged by licensing a federal territory or by the exploitation of water or by landfilling waste authorized by the regulations covered by paragraph 90.3, paragraph 1, point m) or n), is entitled to be compensated by the taker.

, authorized user or waste disposal authorized with respect to this adverse effect, and may bring an action and reintroduction before a court competent for such compensation. 144.4 If the federal minister believes that a study of the impact of existing or future physical activity should be conducted in an area of the Mackenzie Valley and in a bordering region, the federal minister may enter into an agreement or agreement with an authority to review the environmental impact of that region, taking into account the joint establishment of a study and study completion committee.