Txdot Comprehensive Development Agreement

The TIFIA credit agreement was signed on 25 July 2002. Of the approximately $2.2 billion in capital market debt, $900 million was spent on reduced-rate NDOs maturing in 2007 and 2008. In June 2007, TxDOT used its first draw of $124,930,000 in TIFIA loan revenues to withdraw the 2007 BAN, then withdrew $775,070,000 in 2008 bans with a second draw from TIFIA in June 2008. The CDA concession (Phase 1) includes the design, development, construction, financing, maintenance and operation of 13 miles along Interstate (IH) 820 and State Highway (SH) 121/SH 183 from IH 35W to SH 121. Benjamin Asher Director, Project Finance, Debt and Strategic Contracts Tel: (512) 463-8611 Benjamin.Asher@txdot.gov When the TIFIA loan was concluded, the Central Texas Turnpike System (CSTT), now simply called Austin Area Toll Roads, consisted of three contiguous toll highways that use the Austin metropolitan area and the Austin-San Antonio corridor: the CDA for segments 2 to 4 includes the development of master plans for the rest of the corridors. NG 183 from SH 121 to SH 161, IH 820 east of SH 121/SH 183 south of Randol Mill Road and along IH 35W from IH 30 to SH 170 in Dallas County and other connectivity facilities. Security and financing. The DOT had a subordinate deposit right on gross receipts (i.e.: Before operating and maintenance costs) and cash rebate. Revenues were defined as all revenues and revenues derived from the operation of the system, including all tolls, all other sources of income or funds derived from or belonging to the system, as well as income from savings. SH 130 is 91 miles from the total length that extends further south and west to I-10. Segments 5 and 6 were built as part of a separate acquisition of DBFOM (design, construction, finance, opera and maintain). In August 2012, State Highway 45 Southeast (SH 45 SE) was added to the Central Texas Turnpike System.

Operation began on November 11, 2012. This filing describes North Tarrant Express Mobility Partner`s (NTEMP) plans to develop segments 3A and 3B along the North Tarrant Express IH 35W corridor, as well as improvements to the IH 35W/IH 820 exchange. Alternative delivery projects (CDAs & DBs) (executed) DB Contracts allow the design, construction, relocation and maintenance under a single contract, but do not involve private sector financial participation, long-term leasing or operation of the facility. All CSTT elements open between November 2006 and April 2008 Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. – Traffic & Revenue Segments 3A and 3B – Ready for Developmental Submittal All three components are open. In November 2006, Loop 1 and parts of HS 45 and HS 130 were opened to traffic. The remainder of HS 45 was opened in April 2007. All HS 130 (segments 1-4) were open in April 2008. The Texas Department of Transportation`s (TxDOT) traditional method of building transportation projects is known as design-bid-build, where the project is designed and then proposed by contractors. .

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