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While some employers are rolling back “hero salaries,” the new UFCW deal with Cargill makes them permanent.” While today`s announcement is of course welcome for many workers, there are many outstanding questions to answer. Our surveys have shown that 38% of musicians have never been able to benefit from any of the employment promotion programmes, so we ask the Chancellor to ensure that these workers are not excluded from the plans announced today. “We also need to take a closer look at the practical workings of replacing the Furlough program and expanding SEISS. The live music industry is almost completely stagnated due to the coronavirus crisis, and 70% of our members are currently unable to work more than a quarter of their usual hours. Starting November 1, the employment promotion program will protect viable jobs in businesses that, because of Covid-19, face lower demand during the winter months. pic.twitter.com/8NpIKpQV8y Chancellor Rishi Sunak today reacted to strong pressure from trade unions, including MUs, to increase financial assistance to workers. Join our urgent call for the government to do more to secure the future of British music culture and industry – ask your MP to make his voice heard in Parliament. “If the qualification bar for these programs is set at 33% of normal hours, it will be a big problem for musicians. These jobs are quite viable jobs, they have been totally suspended during this crisis, and the government must act to protect musicians. The Chancellor also announced that the Jobless Employment Assistance System (SEISS) would be extended to support viable traders facing lower demand – and would cover 20% of average monthly profits through a public subsidy. Cresco Labs Workers Join Local 328 in Massachusetts “It was at the time that I needed the most help, it was my UFCW family that was there for me. Instead of asking me what I would do to pay the bills, my resident worked with me, they fought for me.

UFCW International President Marc Perrone on the death of George Floyd Connecticut Public School Workers Join UFCW Local 371 Local 400 Omega Protein Workers Stage Daring Sea Rescue Essential workers deserve Hazard Pay during COVID-19 “The extension of SEISS, while welcome, is set to only cover 20% of ave monthly trading. Does the government seriously expect many musicians to live on 20% of their usual income over the next six months? While he confirmed that the Furlough program will end as planned, he has announced a “Job Support Scheme” that will directly support workers` wages.