Usps Geps Agreement

U.S. negotiations with international postal operators on contracts outside the UPU would be a third possible outcome. Articles on international mail issues, which are covered by the Un, could be included in existing contracts with other countries. If the United States decided to follow up on this option, we could see that postal issues would be put in the same bag as broader trade issues and even included in trade agreements. The need for contracts to settle postal issues could then become the starting point for further negotiations on wider trade liberalization. Any GEPS agreement for international mailings must specify the following: New prices are available on the Postal Explorer website® at In the mail I deleted, I gave you my estimate of the amount your competitors probably paid, and then I realized that we cannot say based on our USPS confidentiality agreement, which says we cannot share price information. All of this is related to the Universal Postal Union agreement, which allows Chinese sellers to ship products to the United States for less than it costs us. The postal service offers tailored agreements to Priority Mail Express International, Priority Mail International and first-class Package International Service customers according to the conditions set between the postal service and a particular customer. Our representative indicated that the new tariffs for Chinese shippers will be at the level of what the U.S. shippers deliver to China, that is, the land will be flattened. Our USPS representative called us last week. For the most part, the rates that the United States wants to charge China are already set.

They do not tell us for reasons of confidentiality. Finally! We might actually be able to make money again on eBay and etc. We would all like the Chinese to pay a fairer rate, but let us not pretend that it is the only consequence that the United States would abandon the framework that sets interest rates between us and any other country. As America`s exit from the UPU is only 14 months away, the nation will be forced to choose one of four likely ways forward. United States Postal Service® announces that on January 30, 2012, the Postal Service submitted to the Postal Regulatory Commission a minor change in the classification of the global competitive product Global Expedited Services Package (GEPS). The minor change in classification relates to the requirements that an mailer must meet in order to qualify for a GEPS contract. This change is designed to be consistent with more published commercial discounts for Express Mail International and Priority Mail International. The Commission approved the communication in decision 1225 of 10 February 2012. The documents are under, Docket No. MC2012-8. Finally, a more level playing field.

Normally, these things take years to negotiate or cancel, but this was put in place quickly. Google The End of Cheap Shipping from China The White House wants to end low-cost shipping from overseas, a step widely supported by U.S. e-commerce vendors. If you do good business internationally, you can probably get a GEPS contract. The minimum threshold is not revolting and much more flexible than the requirements they identify. The Chinese government could subsidize shipping costs (at least temporarily to help with the transition).