Violation Of The Nintendo Account User Agreement

Nintendo may terminate this Agreement or any part of this Agreement at any time without notice if you breach the terms of this Agreement. In the event of a minor breach, Nintendo will notify you in advance of your non-compliance and give you the opportunity to remedy this situation. However, if your behavior is completely unacceptable, Nintendo is not required to notify you. The conduct is deemed totally unacceptable in the event of a serious breach of the Nintendo Network Code of Conduct and other important provisions of this Agreement. As the name suggests, the temporary blocking of the account is only imposed for a set period of time and the block can be lifted once the user has corrected an infringement. This is done by contacting the Nintendo support team. If the interconnection of accounts requires the transmission of information about you from Nintendo to third parties, you will be informed prior to the link and you will have the opportunity to accept the link and the transfer of your data. Your data is processed by a third party in accordance with the privacy policy of such a third party. If you have any questions about this agreement, please contact us by email.

Contact information for your local Nintendo customer service can be found in In this article, we will give an in-depth look at all the reasons why an account on your Nintendo is blocked or blocked. I hope that by reading this list, you will discover the rule you broke in order to make sure you don`t do it again! Here are the most common reasons why Nintendo Account is blocked: Of course, I didn`t know what it meant or why it would be, so I came here to find answers. And sadly for me, I quickly learned that it was because my account was hacked a few months ago – when Nintendo (not my fault, not your fault and maybe not even its fault) had a security breach compromising usernames and passwords. When this happened, someone tried to buy $400 of merchandise from the Nintendo Store, which I labeled as fraudulent and sorted with my credit card company.