Why Can A Project Charter Serve As An Agreement Or Contract

Rita Mulcahy writes in one of her preparatory books for PMP certification: “Don`t underestimate the value of the project charter. It is such an important document that a project should not be launched without a project. While the project charter defines how success is measured, project and project managers cannot succeed without a project charter. So let`s take a look at the importance of a project charter and the issue of the project charter. But I understand that sometimes the project charter is “created” (or “written” or written) by the sponsor, and sometimes it is drawn by the project manager himself, who then submits it to the sponsor for approval. 1. The project charter should include the commercial needs behind the project. The project charter is issued by the project sponsor, while the contract is negotiated and signed by the buyer and seller. The project charter gives the proponent and other stakeholders a commitment to support the project team. The project charter is a document that officially launches a project or phase. It formally approves the existence of the project and provides a source of supply for the future.

The Charter gives a sensual and sensual direction to management from start to finish. In one of his articles, Randy Tango, a company-oriented project practitioner, said: “Take a lot of pride and care in your project charter, because that`s where you sow the right seeds. It`s going to take care of you eventually.┬áThe crucial point is that they must be out of the project and are empowered to do so. It should make it clear who is responsible for the funding and who should sign the document. Josh Nankivel explains in one of his articles: “I worked with several project managers who had funding problems because a particular manager or manager, who said they were going to finance a project on their budget, didn`t come by. The project charter should make it clear who is responsible for the funding and must sign it!┬áThen they will create a project charter to launch the project. This entitles the project to exist. He appoints a project manager and dictates when he starts.