Site Rehabilitation Agreement

Find out how to name an inactive site for cleaning. The Site Rehabilitation Program provides grants to oil lies suppliers for well, pipeline, oil and gas sites. Read the general program guidelines and additional guidelines for the application time you want to apply for, and follow the steps to apply for an online grant. Eligible oil and gas companies can take steps to apply for subsidies for the closure of oil and gas sites in Alberta. Once the agreement is approved and signed, you will receive a first payment of 10%. Due to the significant response to the site rehabilitation program and the time required to process the tens of thousands of applications during funding periods 1 to 4, the Alberta government will not impose the condition of non-performance in the current grant agreements, which requires the start of subsidized work within three months of the agreement coming into force. Instead, work on grants from November 13, 2020 must begin before June 1, 2021 to comply with the grant agreement. After June 1, 2021, the government will begin confirming whether work is underway to redeploy unused grants for future programming periods. Failure to meet the requirements of the agreement may result in the loss of all or part of the subsidy. Once you have signed a contract with a site owner, you can apply for a grant for the site rehabilitation program to do the work. We will verify your application and your contract with the licensee of the oil and gas site.

There is no deadline for filing sites for closure. Nominated websites can receive grants during each application period for the Site Rehabilitation Program. Subsidies are paid by electronic transfer (EFT) or by cheque from Alberta Energy, depending on the application. To obtain the eFT payment, you must complete an EFT direct payment form when you sign and return your first grant contract. For a company that receives multiple grants, only an EFT direct payment form is required. If you change your bank details after the first payment of the grant, complete the EFT direct payment form (PDF, 589 KB) and send yourself to [email protected] for processing. To discuss the conclusion of a contract to carry out work to close one or more of their websites, contact eligible location licensees on the licensees lists of period 3 and 4. The list of nominated sites was published for contractors to consult with the site license holder (the appropriate oil and gas company) and to negotiate with the contractor to enter into a contract to close the site through a grant for the site rehabilitation program. The personal data collected by is used to provide you with updates through the website`s rehabilitation program.

It is also used for participant analysis to improve the effectiveness of future communication. If you are eligible for a grant, you will need to sign an agreement with the Government of Alberta that outlines the roles and responsibilities of all parties. Check the list of eligible licensees (XLSX, 24 KB) to whom grants have been awarded. If you have any questions about this collection of personal data or would like to opt out at any time, you can contact Wade Clark, Managing Director Resource Stewardship Policy, at [email protected] or at 780-427-7426. If so, you will have to submit a municipal tax return confirming that the licensee does not have unpaid municipal taxes. This is not a precondition for the authorization to issue. Applications 3 for PRS grants can be extended until March 31, 2021. Read the additional SRP guidelines for application period 3 (PDF, 1.1 MB) and make sure you meet all eligibility requirements. Third application deadline: open until 31 March 2021 Fourth deadline for submitting applications: open until 31 March 2021 Fifth deadline for applications: scheduled for openness